Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Celebration of the Life of Angela Connolly-Cunneely

Originally posted in Ogletown Resilience and 1st State Bikes. Angela was a true community organizer, an advocate, an activist for the environment and quality of life issues in New Castle County Delaware.  Something that Townsend and his ilk on the Delaware legislature could never imagine much less be. The Ogletown region will never have a regional park and Angela never had a park bench to walk or bike to and sit on OR be remembered by. What phony little men Townsend and his corrupt minions in the fake Democratic party really are.

From the event site | Please join us in a Celebration Of Life for Angela Connolly Cunneely, who took her leave of this earthly realm on August 4th 2023. Obituary HERE.

Angela fought a valiant 2 year battle with Cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare and aggressive cancer of the bile duct, which ended in the way that Angela always knew it would - in a draw. She always knew that her cancer would ultimately take her, but she took solace in the fact that her end would also mean the demise of her cancer.

In keeping with the spirit of Angela’s love of and connection to nature and the great outdoors, we will be gathering on Oct 8 at 2pm in Lums Pond State Park, Pavilion #3. Please dress comfortably and respectfully.

One of Angela’s favorite movie lines and frequently used quotes was “I don’t mind going if a luncheon is provided” from A Christmas Carol ❤️, and as such food and drink will of course be provided by the family, and any additional contributions are most welcome.