Monday, March 23, 2020

The Biggest Legacy of Townsend and his "Democratic" Cohorts?

Sen Townsend and son: Goodbye to the Orphanage Property, and the
last hopes of Ogletown-S. Newark for a regional park.
It is one thing that Govt leaders like Delaware's Senator Bryan Townsend, Rep Ed Osienski, and their minions on New Castle County Council criminally deny place-making and local park access to entire regions of the State. It's another thing that they routinely ignore citizens socio-economic needs based on class -- across vast swaths of their constituencies -- while lavishing favor on others of higher status. But their biggest "legacy" of all may just be the current state of affairs with COVID-19: Our grossly degraded ecology, climate change, the mass die-off of species, and the catastrophic loss of natural lands and biodiversity that is surely connected to the Coronavirus pandemic situation we are now facing. This is from Ensia, on March 17. Excerpts:

Only a decade or two ago it was widely thought that tropical forests and intact natural environments teeming with exotic wildlife threatened humans by harboring the viruses and pathogens that lead to new diseases in humans like Ebola, HIV and dengue.

But a number of researchers today think that it is actually humanity’s destruction of biodiversity that creates the conditions for new viruses and diseases like COVID-19, the viral disease that emerged in China in December 2019, to arise — with profound health and economic impacts in rich and poor countries alike. In fact, a new discipline, planetary health, is emerging that focuses on the increasingly visible connections among the well-being of humans, other living things and entire ecosystems. [Read the full article . . . ]

We have to wonder what Mr Townsend -- a new father of one with more on the way -- will tell his own children, and future generations, when the record points to his deliberate participation in our socio and environmental demise. How will he explain his prioritization of developer interests over naturehood; of failing to protect local and regional open space and land conservation efforts, and opening up Delaware's coastal zone to heavy industrial development? He will need to explain somehow that this "economic development" and a short-term profits were more important than their health, safety and a livable future.

Hence, the mission of this page: Clearly, Senator Bryan Townsend's actions are NOT in the best interests of future generations, and we will hold him (and his Democrat party colleagues) responsible at the local, regional and State level.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Privilege Has Its Rewards: Part 3

The article below is from an article on the City of Newark's website, posted on 3-4-2020.

Groundbreaking Scheduled for New Park and Stormwater Facility

The City of Newark is excited to announce the site of the former Caesar Rodney Residence Hall located at 103 Hillside Road is ready for construction. In place of the dormitories, the City, with support from the University of Delaware and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), will build a seven-acre public park with .75 miles of accessible trails, a natural play area and outdoor classroom. The site will also contain a stormwater pond to address flooding and water quality concerns along with amenities such as a fishing pier, floating wetlands and observation deck. Earth moving will begin the week of March 16th.

The name of the park will be determined by the public through a survey distributed by the City. The survey will launch on Friday, March 13th and submissions are due by 4:00 on Thursday, March 26th. City staff will present the top six names to Mayor Jerry Clifton and members of City Council for consideration and approval [Full Article . . . ]

Once again, too bad that Ogletown-S. Newark will never see these kinds of amenities. Living in this grossly disenfranchised region of New Castle County among the "unwashed" (as viewed by Senator Townsend, Rep Osienski and NCC's Matt Meyer and Elisa Diller), "quality of life" doesn't stand a chance. For these four -- all Democrats -- a Wawa or Royal Farms with 12 gas pump islands is "place-making" and building communities. There are simply no words to describe the injustice, and the preferential treatment of one community over another where parks and commons is concerned.

How rotten and disgusting they really are, especially Senator Townsend as the highest ranking and easily the most influential Legislator in the bunch. For both he and Rep Osienski, throwing away the Orphanage Property and the last chance for a regional park was payback time to their campaign donors, mainly consisting of developer and building interests.

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