Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Townsend's "Democratic" Party is an Environmental Fraud

In the Autumn of 2016, Advocates for Saving the Orphanage Property (STOP) also worked hard on a campaign to have the Delaware Democrat Party include open space preservation as a plank in their 2017 platform. This was not an endorsement of a particular party; the Democrats are the State's State's controlling party at this time. Unfortunately, despite repeated follow-up attempts, it was dismissed, swept under the rug and never even voted on.

Open Space and Farmland Preservation is supported by the overwhelming majority of the electorate, regardless of party affiliation. Countless studies have shown the importance of parkland, natural habitat, and bio-diversity in a community's overall health and well being. Ordinary folks know this. Yet the party that sells itself as stewards of the environment is nowhere to be found, as evidenced by their silence on STOP.

Below is the breakdown of those who signed on in support of the plank. It was grossly inadequate considering how many (D) legislators there are in Dover. Conspicuously absent was newly elected Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, whom advocates reached out to on multiple occasions without success. Townsend, of course, was expected on there as a cover for the mass campaign contributions that he accepts from the building lobby.

The best advice for those who care about the environment in Delaware is to join, engage with, and vote Green or other 3rd party. Or, if you insist on supporting the 2-party duopoly fraud, choose the "other" party (R) as a protest vote, i.e. "throw the bums out". Let us not forget that a highly respected former Republican Governor had put in place coastal zone safeguards that Townsend and his (D) minions have since relaxed. Most of the environmental damage we are seeing now -- and the lying to cover for it -- has occurred with Democrats in solid majorities.

Par for the course: The start of clear-cutting and the paving of forest and habitat area for a major housing development, also in Townsend's District 11 on Salem Church Road. Townsend could have been a champion of conservation by Saving the Orphanage Property, and in the process, won the last opportunity for a regional park in Ogletown. He chose not to, and even saw fit to conceal the development plans from his constituents and area Advocates.

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