Friday, January 31, 2020

Privilege Has Its Rewards: Part 2

The article below is from an article in the Newark Post on Jan 16, 2020.

Josh Shannon | The state of Delaware has acquired 32 acres of land along New London Road, expanding White Clay Creek State Park and protecting the wooded land and meadows from development.

The $2.6 million purchase amounts to the largest land acquisition for WCCSP since 2003, Delaware State Parks Director Ray Bivens said.

“We’re thrilled because it’s a great wildlife corridor, and you have a big chunk of mature forest that we’re protecting,” Bivens said. [Full article . . .]

The State of Delaware with Senator Bryan Townsend (and/or Rep Osienski or NCC's Lisa Diller) as champion could have acquired 180 acres of prime habitat, open space and trail corridors in Ogletown-S. Newark for a little over what they just paid for 32 acres (1/6 the size) in the City of Newark. This purchase, and the thwarting of housing development on the Newark Country Club is what you can expect where privilege aboundsNot so in many, if not most other disenfranchised suburbs in New Castle County that include Townsend's Senate Dist 11.

Had the 180 acre Orphanage Property been in Newark proper, securing $3+ Million to save it as parkland and habitat area would have been a shoo-in. As the dregs of New Castle County's nameless faceless unincorporated suburbs, Ogletown-S. Newark residents aren't deserving of such an amenity -- in the minds of area legislators.
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