Tuesday, February 11, 2020

An open letter to the Republican Party of Delaware

This letter was sent on Feb 8, 2020

Dear Republican (R) Party of Delaware, 2020 Candidates and their Supporters,

We at www.bryan-townsend.com are as dismayed with the Democratic (D) party as you are, but likely for different reasons. Please listen to us; defending Trump and perceived attacks against the 2nd amendment is NOT going to win it for R candidates, at least in New Castle County. You need to adjust your strategy, to reach a wider base of potential support.

Please address the current Democrat Leadership's well documented corruption and brutal hypocrisy, as well as their documented failed leadership to their own constituents. Many of these Constituents who do not agree with Townsend's view, and challenge those views, are blocked from the Facebook pages of these Legislators, and as such, cannot comment and have their voices heard. Many other voters are searching for answers, for Candidates who share their concerns. To that end, it is your responsibility to reach out to these voters, to state firm platform issues, e.g. environmental conservation, that were once the pride of moderate (R)s such as former greatly respected and revered Governor Russell Peterson, U.S. Senator William Roth, former Governor and U.S. Rep Mike Castle, etc. The (R)s today, even in Delaware, appear to have abandoned such moderation, and are generally viewed as anti-environment. That alone is against you, already.

Rep Mike Ramone (R), District 21, New Castle Cty
We're giving friendly advice here; in trying to unseat these firmly entrenched and corrupted (D)s, you have to put aside the same tired and losing strategies that too few Delawareans -- especially those on the fence -- care about. These voters can narrowly determine outcomes, and to them, it's usually quality of representation that matters. The "Democratic" party has been an EPIC FAILURE in this State where constituent representation is concerned -- for decades -- right where people live. Just ask Rep Mike Ramone what it takes to win, he is hugely popular.

The Rs should pay serious attention to Townsend, and the potential consequences, as he and his party are grooming him Statewide for U.S. Congress or Governor. It was a (D) District insider, upon moving out of State, that confessed to us that Townsend is the Delaware (D) Party anointed. He has been traveling the State, passing high profile legislation for the sake of statewide name and face recognition. He strategically places himself in all the right places, insincerely taking up the causes of, and being photographed with, African Americans, women, Muslims, impoverished people, and other minority classes. At 38 years old, he's already shown his disregard for his own local Constituents (when he should have been fighting to protect the Orphanage Property against massive development) by running for U.S. Rep in 2016. It's abundantly obvious that he's a rising star of his Party. Unless you act, he could potentially be one of our U.S. Congressmen or Governor in the coming decade or two.

That said, feel free to use anything from this website if so inclined. In particular, the right column "Top Articles" is a list of links connecting Townsend and his (D) cohorts to gross corruption and/or incompetence, as well as statewide corruption resulting from entrenched (D) party control.

Thanks so much, and best of luck to all of you come November.

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